Welcome to our ENDOR™ blog!

My name is Dr. Iraj Ghadiminejad, aka the Autoimmune Doc and I’m the brain behind ENDOR™. I’m a specialist in autoimmune conditions and I have spent most of my life devoted to science. I, for instance, have spent 25 years researching autoimmune diseases until I discovered a compound  that helps the immune system to naturally go back to normal levels, fighting conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and arthritis, without the use of steroids, cortisone or painkillers. This discovery led me to create all ENDOR™ products.

In 2016 I created this blog to openly talk about autoimmunity. Here I’ll share information and discoveries about autoimmune conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, rheumatoid arthritis and arthritis in order to support and help those suffering from these conditions.

Through this blog I am able to interact with patients, to inform them of the danger of the continuous use of steroidal products over a long period of time and to talk about my medical discovery and to show that there are natural alternatives to manage these conditions.

For more information on ENDOR™, my research, the products and our company, please visit our website www.gnpau.com.

Hope to see you around.

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