Why shut down the immune system when you need it the most?


The immune system is the most sophisticated and effective defence mechanism the body has. It comprises of an arsenal of amazing and very effective defensive and offensive weaponry, that would put any army to shame and just like any other complicated mechanism, it can develop issues and begin to misbehave, causing problems; some of which can be devastating.

However, as it has been the case for many decades, the approach has been to shut the immune system down or severely dampen it, in order to treat the condition, without any regard to what this actually means for the body. Shutting the immune system down can open your body to a myriad of infections and diseases. So why is it that we blindly follow old habits and as long as we see superficially positive results in the short term, this process of dampening the immune system, seems to be the way chosen by most in dealing with these conditions.

At present, autoimmunity is our focus and that is where I want to direct my attention. Yes, in autoimmunity, the immune system appears to attack the body and cause diseases as diverse as dermal conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, rosacea etc to arthritis and then to conditions such as Muscular Sclerosis MS etc.. I say appears as not all of the immune response is directed fully towards attacking the molecules of the body. Only a few of the immune systems arsenal of weaponry seem to be causing all of the damage and research to date, has only identified a few and treatment has been directed towards knocking these effectors. Although, these treatment strategies have been shown to be effective, when used for long periods of time, their efficacy is reduced and do not remain viable. Furthermore, there are side effects that in themselves can be very damaging and in the long term, some can present worse than the disease itself.

What if I told you, you don’t need to shut the immune system down in order to treat autoimmune conditions? What if I told you, there was a method of giving back control to the immune system to rescind its over-activity and naturally bring back autoimmunity?

We are doing a clinical trial of a naturally sourced product, which will provide the immune system with the basic ingredients to produce a compound made by the immune cells in order to signal the activated immune response back to normal levels.

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