ENDOR Rosacea Cream – FAQ

Below are some frequently asked questions about our ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream:

1- What is ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream for?

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream is a  soft cream for Red Face Rosacea. It can also be used for Acne and pustular Rosacea.

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream contains a number of natural vitamins and minerals that are anti-oxidents in nature. It also contains natural ingredients to treat skin bacterial and parasitic infections

2- Where can I apply it?

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream is a soft topical cream. You can apply it all over your skin, but more specifically on face affected by Rosacea. It may also be applied on your eyelids, but do not get into the eye. For best results, you should apply ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream at least twice per day; morning and at night.

3- How often should I use ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream?

You can use ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream as often and as much as necessary, but we recommend to use it twice daily on clean skin. It is highly recommended that you use ENDOR™ Facial Cleanser for bacterial and facial mites prior to using ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream. Once you have your condition under control, you should continue with daily use to ensure naturally healthy-looking skin.

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4- How much is it?

Please visit our website www.gnpau.com for current prices and any offers.

5- Where can I buy ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream?

We sell through some chemists and pharmacies but our preference is for you to purchase directly from us. We also recommend that you contact us first and ask for relevant information regarding your condition and whether our products are appropriate for your condition.

6- How does ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream work?

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Coenzyme Q 10 to provide antioxidant protection for the skin, calms inflamed skin and assists in reducing skin redness. ENDOR Rosacea cream also contains hyaluronic acid to increase skin hydration and to assist in reducing minor facial lines.

7- Can I use other ENDOR products whilst using ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream?

Yes, you can. In fact, ENDOR products work best when used together. For example, ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream is more effective when used in conjunction with ENDOR™ Facial Cleanser for acne rosacea for treating skin bacterial and parasitic infections.

8- Can I use ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream whilst using steroidal based products?Free from Rosacea.png

No. People who have used steroidal products often suffer from steroid side effects. It is our recommendation that you have at least 2 weeks wash out period from steroidal products in order to achieve best results from ENDOR Rosacea cream.

9- Can ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream help with the itch and discomfort?

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream will help to reduce inflammation and reduce itchiness to allow the natural healing mechanism to return the skin to its naturally healthy-looking skin.

10- How long does it take to start showing some results?

ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream will help relieve the itchy skin, hydrate the skin and begin to reduce redness of the skin. The speed by which this happens depends on what products and drugs were being used prior to ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream. If steroidal products, we recommend a wash out period prior to using ENDOR products. This depends on the length of time that you had previously used steroidal and other drugs.

Under normal circumstance, ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream will work quickly and there should be a significant difference within 10 days use of ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream.

11- What are the ingredients used for ENDOR Rosacea Cream?

You can find the ingredients for all of our products on our website: www.gnpau.com, however the following lists the ingredients for ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream:

Aqua, Glycerin, Cetyl Stearyl Alcohol, Isopropyl myristate, Oleic Acid, Stearth-21, Sodium Citrate, Panthenol, Microcare, Vitamin E acetate, Vitamin C, Xiameter, Coconut oil, Dimethicone, Co Enzyme Q10, Lavender Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Hyaluronic Acid.

For any other questions you might have about ENDOR™ Rosacea Cream, please contact us: info@gnpau.com | www.gnpau.com | +61 2 9011 8006.

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